IOWA I-80 Pilot & Flag Car Escorts will provide your company with
experienced certified insured flag cars for the safe and legal DOT
compliant transportation of your oversize overdimension load.
Escort cars and equipment are maintained and serviced regularly.
We escort over size loads primarily in IA, Iowa, IL, Illinois, MO, Missouri,
NE, Nebraska, MN, Minnesota, and are certified to operate nationwide.
We can provide your over dimension truck with height (high) pole, lead or
chase car as well as CDL steerman. Can perform route surveys for super
loads. Multiple escorts and pilot car drivers available.
Central Iowa Location
Nationwide Service
Providing Your Company With Professional Pilot Cars
To Ensure DOT Compliance And The Safe Movement
Of Your Oversize Load

CDL Steerman
Escort & Flagman Certification
High Pole, Superload, Surveys
GPS Equipped, In-Car Fax Service
certified escort car
Experienced, Professional, Quality Service Since 2005
We provide a quality Service, not just a flag car
US Pilot Car
IA Road Conditions
Hole of Shame